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1000s of birds fall from sky b4 7.0 Chile quake. & Now in Arkansas
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February 12, 2016, 05:56:21 AM

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Sorry for the delay in getting the forums back up.  I just wanted to clean things up a bit first.  Let me know if you come across any problems.  Thanks for your patience!
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Author Topic: 1000s of birds fall from sky b4 7.0 Chile quake. & Now in Arkansas  (Read 7485 times)

Re: 1000s of birds fall from sky b4 7.0 Chile quake. & Now in Arkansas
« Reply #15 on: January 05, 2011, 12:06:23 PM »

Usagi, what I also wonder what "mode" are the electromagnetic attacks delivered, that Sec. of Defense Cohen was warning is really happening? Is HAARP electromagnetic? or what type of energy does that thing send out? But the other countries that are terrorizing with what Cohen knew of, could that be delivered by satellite, too??


We are living in horribly, wicked times. Conspiracies are probably as common as headcolds. problem is, they are secrecy matters so how the heck to know, but sufice it to say backroom deals and meetings have been the cornerstone of politics for many years and many countries are at war in one way or the other.
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Re: 1000s of birds fall from sky b4 7.0 Chile quake. & Now in Arkansas
« Reply #16 on: January 06, 2011, 11:13:28 PM »

Scalar Engergy is an electromagnetic type of wave, that is like a cousin of radio waves, that's why they have all those antennae at HAARP. Now the confusing thing is this article on Drudge about the possible start of the pole shift or a change in earth's magnetic north as a runway in Florida had to change its location signage: Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole affects -- Tampa airport?
Either the sun is doing this or this is just a natural thing, and part of precession of the equinoxes. Though precession takes thousands of years, it doesn't make sense why there is so much change so fast. This would be a good question to ask an astronomer. There are so many electromagnetic weird things going on in this world. I've seen a vortex next to the Whaley House in San Diego that is outdoors and it is always there and my  K-II Electromagnetic meter lights up the highest it can go as if I'm in a high voltage area or some weird Electromagnetic layline. It's probably why its the most haunted house in America. OK that's off topic, but back to the Seismic sentries here is a map of animal strangeness going on right now. You're got thousands in Mannitoba and turtledoves in Italy and birds in China. HAARPAGEDDON? Well, HAARP is not the only one. Here's the map:

Also, there is a youtube channel I've been watching lately called believers underground and Scott says he thinks they are skyquakes due to changes in the Earth's electromagnetosphere. It makes sense because if the sun is going to storm in a few years these may be the first signs, but I still don't see how the birds got hit by blunt force, and also in Sweden, same trauma.

Here is Scott with BUG's theory:
Skyquake killed the Birds it appears ground confirmed. New Twist to HARRP

That reminded me of my post October 6th in the Phenomenon boards here where we had an earthquake then a few month later a blast from the sky that hit the building and shook it. That post was called "Strange Air Quake? San Diego"

There is also a list of top ten theories for the animal deaths here:
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I am the rabbit in the moon! Sailor Moon! j/k

Re: 1000s of birds fall from sky b4 7.0 Chile quake. & Now in Arkansas
« Reply #17 on: January 06, 2011, 11:43:06 PM »

Did anyone catch Pastor Lindsey Williams with the deathbed confession of an elite who said that the elite make movies of things before they do horrible things? Here is the Pastor Lindsey Willimas CD I'm talking about, he says a movie came out about what would happen if a hurricane hit New Orleans and if gas prices went up right before Katrina and that they moved it onshore with HAARP probably. The elites have to tell the truth about what they are doing for some reason, but I don't trust the devil. The devil tells half-truths, but I know when a priest does an exorcism, the devils are not allowed to lie, they become full of the fear of God at some point

Well there is a movie coming out called the "Core" and it sounds like some messed up psy-op that is supposed to mess with our brains. The elites need people to beg for order and well they could be using HAARP to accomplish that. Well this movie says HAARP would cause superstorms and cause increases in earthquakes and that the earth's core would stop spinning because the government screwed up. The earth can repair itself, I'm not buying it. I really wouldn't be surprised considering the timing of this film that it is a psyop, just like the TV series V. Here is the movie trailer. I'd boycott it. All these doomsday films are evil. The part about San Francisco having a quake makes me wonder if that is the messed up quake I've been seeing because of all of the posts I've done seeing damage to SF.
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Re: 1000s of birds fall from sky b4 7.0 Chile quake. & Now in Arkansas
« Reply #18 on: January 07, 2011, 10:19:40 AM »

I do belive we may have an awnser ...

Magnetic North Shift.

Thing is with all the birds (again I am not counting the fish) and the types of birds this actually woudl make sense.

Most if not all of these bird deaths here and around the world do have a common thread. They are more sensitive to the magnetics of the planet then other birds. Pigions, Doves, Black Birds and so on.

So if that pole shifted faster then it should have it would affect the way they navigate thus they could in theory fly to high as they do not have proper barring and birds of these types by nature are not high flyers, they pass out and hit the ground. The hitting the ground causes blunt force trama as stated in all reports as they fell how many feet onto the hard ground.

So far the deaths have happened in:

All the same type of birds. Black Birds Pigions and Doves.

Re: 1000s of birds fall from sky b4 7.0 Chile quake. & Now in Arkansas
« Reply #19 on: January 07, 2011, 01:06:07 PM »

The forty miles that they say that north is moving per year, and the birds sure is a big consideration but "trauma" to the bodies of a lot of them, what in the world? Also, in Arkansas the eyewitnesses said they heard a loud noise...not identifying it as fireworks or stormy weather, right before the birds fell, making it sound as if all of the birds there fell at the same time.....I'm trying to figure out what caused trauma if this magnetic north movement is the cause, or...
it's one of several, a "perfect storm" type of scenario?

This latest report of six thousand doves in Italy...the blue stain or color on their beaks.....I hope we get the truth of the reports cuz you know scientists can test the very substance of the color and find out what constitutes it.

Knowing big numbers of birds have fallen like this before does not explain why so many, this time. What a way to start a year!

Three years ago right now we were getting the reports of our nation's biggest bank, Mortgage Company and brokerage firm, I think it was, were all insolvent, and was a harbinger of things to come. That's what bothers me about this too.....the vibe and feeling strongly we were getting the warning that Depression was coming and we're not so far from there, in fact the word Recession was coined by some that didn't want to use the term Depression, anymore.Hmmm...feels like this year is the year of nature, failing.
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Re: 1000s of birds fall from sky b4 7.0 Chile quake. & Now in Arkansas
« Reply #20 on: January 07, 2011, 05:48:19 PM »

Good article Sunnygal! So it seems the core is and magnetic north wobble around alot normally.

Well check this out, I found out that the whatever hit the birds in Arkansas that caused blunt trauma, SHOWED UP ON RADAR. This is so bizarre and a weatherman said it wasn't part of the storm that already moved through and that it was at a low altitude of only over 1000 feet in the air.

So was it a skyquake, HAARP, or just a magnetic anomaly or is it some kind of gas escaping the earth, or a supersonic craft? I'm going to have to go with scalar weapon since those words popped into my head for no reason the other day. I know birds die and fish die in large groups, but with blasts that were heard and blunt trauma, it changes the whole ballgame.

As for the doves, I wonder if they ate poison blue colored berries?
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I am the rabbit in the moon! Sailor Moon! j/k

Re: 1000s of birds fall from sky b4 7.0 Chile quake. & Now in Arkansas
« Reply #21 on: January 07, 2011, 06:06:01 PM »

This article about fracking caused by gas escaping the earth is interesting, especially since the fish kill happened west of where earthquakes have been happening and the birds were killed to the southeast:

Toxic Chemicals and the Surge of Earthquake Activity in Arkansas

 The last four months of 2010, nearly 500 earthquakes rattled Guy, Arkansas. [1]  The entire state experienced 38 quakes in 2009. [2]  The spike in quake frequency precedes and coincides with the 100,000 dead fish on a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River that included Roseville Township on December 30. The next night, 5,000 red-winged blackbirds and starlings dropped dead out of the sky in Beebe. [3]  Hydraulic fracturing is the most likely culprit for all three events, as it causes earthquakes with a resultant release of toxins into the environment. [4]

A close look at Arkansas’ history of earthquakes and drilling reveals a shocking surge in quake frequency following advanced drilling. The number of quakes in 2010 nearly equals all of Arkansas’ quakes for the entire 20th century. The oil and gas industry denies any correlation, but the advent of hydrofracking followed by earthquakes is a story repeated across the nation.  It isn’t going to stop any time soon, either.  Fracking has gone global.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) pumps water and chemicals into the ground at a pressurized rate exceeding what the bedrock can withstand, resulting in a microquake that produces rock fractures. Though initiated in 1947, technological advances now allow horizontal fracturing, vastly increasing oil and gas collection. [5] In 1996, shale-gas production in the U.S. accounted for 2 percent of all domestic natural gas production, reports Christopher Bateman in Vanity Fair. “Someindustry analysts predict shale gas will represent a full half of total domestic gas production within 10 years.” [6] In 2000, U.S. gas reserve estimates stood at 177 trillion cubic feet, but ramped up to 245 tcf in 2008. These new technologies prompt experts to increase global gas reserve estimates ninefold. [7]

The grid below shows a section of the Arkansas River, with Roseville Township at bottom, where the first reports of the fish kill originated. The green lines surrounding and crossing the river indicate gas pipes, ranging from 8-20” in diameter. Any number of leaks in the pipes can explain the fish kill. Gas wells are shown by yellow ‘suns’ (see red arrows) and range from 1,500 to 6,500 feet deep. (Disposal wells, where drilling waste products are injected at high pressures, go as deep as 12,000 feet.) The red numbers next to the ‘suns’ give the number of gas wells in that spot, numberingclose to 50 in this small area. [8]

 (The gray numbers relate to the Township Numbering System. Each square equals one square mile. Click map for larger image.)

In December alone, over 150 earthquakes rocked Arkansas. [1] The swarm of quakes in Guy likely results from six years of intense drilling. Guy sits within the Fayetteville Shale Formation which, according to the Arkansas Geological Survey (AGS), is “the current focus of a regional shale-gas exploration and development program.”  A billion cubic feet of gas has been produced from this area since 2004. [9]

Thousands of wells are in operation in North-Central Arkansas (blue section of the following map). [10] Beebe, where the bird kill occurred, is in White County and Guy is at the northern end of Faulkner Co., where the anomalous earthquakes continue.

 Red-winged blackbirds roost in clusters up to a million or more birds, often with other species like starlings and cowbirds. (In the 1950s and ’60s, roosts could number 20 million birds.)  Blackbirds prefer low, dense vegetative cover in wetlands or near streams. Though some may perch 30 feet above the water, most perch within one to two feet of it, and some will roost with their feet resting in water. Blackbirds can range up to 50 miles a day from roost to feeding sites, but they all settle in for the night before sunset. [11]

An earthquake of whatever scale can release a stream or cloud of gas and fracking chemicals which could easily explain why sleeping birds would suddenly take flight, and then quickly dye as they succumbed to the toxic fumes. Of note, eight measured quakes within 40 miles of Beebe, and within 75 miles of Roseville, hit the area on December 30 thru several minutes past midnight on January 1st. [12]  This excludes any micro- or miniquakes which can have the same effect.  Significantly, the area is known for its prolific microquakes — numbering 40,000 since 1982. [1]

Canadian Geologist Jack Century crusades against induced seismicity from irresponsible drilling. In a 2009 speech before the Peace River Environmental Society, he provided a brief explanation of how fracking induces earthquakes, completely refutingindustry denial that fracking causes quakes. Fracking induces not only micro- and mini-seismic actions that can compromise the integrity of well casings, but also large earthquakes registering on the order of 5 to 7 on the Richter Scale, resulting in human deaths. [13]

Scott Ausbrooks, geohazards supervisor for AGS, told CNN in December that while earthquakes aren’t unusual in Arkansas, the frequency is. [14]  Indeed, they’ve had a 1,200 percent increase in earthquakes over 2009 data just in the last four months of 2010. All of the quakes registered less than 3 on the Richter Scale; over 98% of them occurred near Guy, where we find the largest concentration of gas wells; and 99% occurred outside the New Madrid Fault zone (circled in red below) where seismic activity is expected, implying they are human induced [1]:

Though AGS publicly claims no earthquake relation to drilling, in early December, Arkansas banned new drilling permits until further notice.

CNN reported that “According to the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission, there are at least a half dozen ‘disposal wells’ within a 500-square-mile zone around Guy.” Ausbrooks noted similar “incidents in Colorado in the 1960s at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, where deep water injection was tied to earthquakes.” [14]

Arkansas Earthquake and Drilling History

When comparing Arkansas’ earthquake history with its drilling history, a causative correlation becomes obvious.

The entire 19th century saw 15 recorded earthquakes and none in the first decade of the new century.  A total of 694 quakes rocked Arkansas in the 20th century.  That number was surpassed in 2009-2010, with the bulk (483) occurring the last three months of 2010. Table 1 was prepared using complete quake data thru 2009 [15], complete data from August thru December, 2010 [1], and just North Central Arkansas quake data from January thru July, 2010. [16]

Arkla, Inc., through its many morphs, mergers and acquisitions,  is and has been a key gas driller in Arkansas.  Between 1975 and the early 1980s, the company found more gas than it produced. By 1982, Arkla was able to sell Central Louisiana Electric Company more than 100 million cubic feet of gas daily. By the early 1990s, it operated the sixth-largest pipeline system in the United States and was among the ten largest operators of natural gas reserves. [17] Its production timeline coincides with the massive jump in earthquakes in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, 37 companies drill for gas and oil in Arkansas. [18]

Unregulated Fracking on a Global March

The U.S. and Canada are not alone in exploiting this highly destructive technology. Poland also embraces fracking. Several energy companies are currently exploring Poland’s reserves, including Conoco-Phillips, ExxonMobil, Marathon, Chevron, Talisman, Lane Energy, BNK Petroleum, Emfesz, EurEnergy Resources, RAG, San Leon Energy and Sorgenia E&P. [19]  These new technologies will significantly impact the global trade in natural gas, according to Forbes [20]:

“Poland consumes 14 billion cubic meters of gas a year and imports more than 70% of it from Russia. It is easy to see how the country could benefit from starting shale gas drilling as soon as possible. Not only could it decrease its dependency on Russia, it might even turn into a gas exporter.”

Bateman noted that Western and Central Europe have leased their lands to frackers. Australians are suffering from the same frack contaminations as Americans, and China is also exploiting the new technology. [6]

Josh Fox’s 2010 film, Gasland, documents a multitude of harmful consequences on animal and human life, as well as property values. The most infamous scene shows people able to ignite their contaminated tap water [21]:

Fox makes the point that Dick Cheney’s former company, Halliburton, lobbied for and won exemptions from the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, Superfund, and the Safe Drinking Water Act, thanks to our corporate-owned Congress. Though it did not hesitate to pass on Wall Street’s gambling debts to the public (twice), Congress has not found the will to pass the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals (FRAC) Act.

Nor do drillers have to disclose the toxic chemicals used, contrary to the 1986 Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act. [22]

In 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency determined that fracking poses no threat to water supplies and that no further studies were needed. [23]  From some Orwellian nightmare, however, at least 65 of the chemicals used in fracking are considered hazardous by the EPA. They have been linked to “cancer; liver, kidney, brain, respiratory and skin disorders; birth defects; and other health problems,” according to a 2005 report by the Oil and Gas Accountability Project. Of primary concern to citizens, OGAP notes that “Approximately half of the water that Americans rely on for drinking comes from underground sources.” [24]

Wyoming took a proactive stance on full disclosure of fracking chemicals when it passed new rules in September. Loopholes, however, still allow companies to claim proprietary ownership of such information, restricting the information from public view. [25]

Given the EPA’s position that fracking is safe, it’s not likely that Arkansas citizens will get much help from the federal government. Nor will they find a friend at the state level. The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality has so far been unwilling or unable to stop UMETCO Minerals Corporation from illegally dumping toxic chemicals into streams. [26]

The same situation applies across the nation where state governments protect industry over environmental and human health.  Recently, outgoing Governor David Paterson vetoed legislation that would have put a moratorium on vertical and horizontal hydraulic drilling. [27]  Already, Pennsylvania leases a third of its public lands to private energy drillers. [21]

Given government bias toward energy giants, and BP's destruction of the Gulf of Mexico is a case in point, more direct action may be required by citizens, if environmental and human health are to be saved from the fossil fuel industry.

Rady Ananda holds a B.S. in Natural Resources from The Ohio State University’s School of Agriculture.
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